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Lemuth GmbH

Mounting clip partsMounting clip parts Automatic clip-mounting machine Bolting device Clip part grab Clip-mountingmachines KMA333 automaticallymountclippartswhicharerequiredforattachmentofthealuminiumshell.All work which is required for mounting the clips such as isolating, mounting and bolting is performed fully automatically and with maximum precision. The clips are supplied by means of oscillating conveyors, which means that no manual filling of the magazine is required. Several mounting machines can be mounted on a series clip-mountingmachineinordertomountseveralclipsatthesametimeorinordertousevarioussortsofclips. Oscillating conveyor Available for the machining of: Thedevicewasdesignedinsuchawaythatitcanbeusedinavarietyofsystemconcepts: Clip mounting on bars Fully automatic Clip-mounting machine (see page 13) KMAS334 Clip mounting on sash elements: Partial automation Mounting in an sash fittings bolting machine (see page 17 and page 19) Fully automatic clip-mounting machine (see page 14) FBS136 KMA333-F Clip mounting on frame elements Fully automatic clip-mounting machine (see page 14) KMA333-R Page 12 Wood