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Lemuth GmbH

The fittings mounting station designed as the manual work station is suitable for the manual mounting of all fitting systems.Allfittingpartstobecuttolengthcanbemanuallycuttotherightlength,stamped,andclampedorbolted. Mounting of fittings MANUALMounting of fittings MANUAL FBM135 / FBK135 Page 15 Example of configuration stages Afittingsmountingstationcanbemadeupofthefollowingcomponents: Fittingsmountingtable NCcutting-to-lengthshaft Boltingdevice Fittingsrack Asanoption,thecontactfacescanbefittedwithbrushstrips,plasticstripsorawidecontinuousbelt. For machining sashes with a glass pane, the support used is a wide continuous belt with openings to admit pressurisedairinordertogenerateanaircushionunderthesash.Thismakesiteasiertoturnthesashes. Monitoringstation FBM135/ FBK135 Fittings mounting station / fittings clamping station without fittings rack FBM135/ FBK135 Fittings mounting station / fittings clamping station with fittings rack 3.400 30.40 2.300 3.200 NC cutting-to-lengthshaft Boltingdevice Fittingsmountingtablewithplasticstrips Fittings mounting table with a wide continuous belt and openings for pressurised air