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Lemuth GmbH

FBS136-DT Sash fittings bolting machine with rotary table Page 18 PVCelements modelwith brushtable FBS136-BT WOODEN/ALUMINIUMelements modelwith rotarybelttable FBS136-DT The PVC elements are transported to the machining position via a transportation axle with a grab action. Clamping devices hold the sash in place during bolting of the fittings. A rotator is used to allow all frame pieces oftheelementtobemachinedinsuccession. The wooden/aluminium element lies rigid on the conveyor belts of the rotary table. Servo shafts position the machining table with the rotator in front of the mounting/bolting block, allowing all frame pieces of the element to be machined successively. There is no riskofdamagetotheelementinthisprocess. 2-minute cycle2-minute cycle Available for the machining of: AluPVC Wood 7.400 5.800 Manual clamping of fittings FBK135 Automatic bolting of the pre- mounted fittings FBS136-DT