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Lemuth GmbH

Mounting of fittings SEMI-AUTOMATICMounting of fittings SEMI-AUTOMATIC FBS131 Example of configuration stages Page 19 FBS131-highspeed 4-side bolting machine 7.600 4.000 Simultaneous machining of all 4 frame pieces This machine fully automatically and simultaneously bolts the pre-mounted fittings to all four frame pieces of the sash. The simultaneous bolting of all 4 sides means that the cycle time is less than 60 seconds. The machining of standard-typeprofilesandfittingsisthefinalphaseinthissystemconcept. Servo-controlled motors on each bolting block allow bolting of the fittings even when using different types of wood. In addition, when working with large elements, the frame pieces maintain their shape during the bolting process, thanks tocounter-pressurecylinders.Thispreventsanybendingoftheframepieceduringthemachiningprocess. In the case of wooden windows, this machine is also able to simultaneously mount the clips for the aluminium shells. Thisrequiresthemountingofadditional ontheboltingblocks.clip-mountingmachines Equipment: - Incomingtransporttable - Machiningareawithconveyorbeltsandclampingsystemsfor holdingthesashinplace - 4freelypositionableboltingblocks - 4boltfeeders