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Lemuth GmbH

FBA136 / FBA138 Page 21 Mounting of fittings SASHMounting of fittings SASH 5.2005.200 6.4006.400 5.900 6.100 FBA136 Fittings mounting centre: FBA138 Fittings mounting centre: Stage of configuration available for the !1-minute cycle - corner guides - sash hinges - interlocking rods - all fitting parts to be cut to length - composite parts he m chine s o s rict d o o e T a i n t re t e t n le f tin s ys e . h n t re sing it g s t m W e he i a cha geo er o t g , he s n v f fit in s t ma hi e ca e a ily c nve e c n s n b e s o rt d t he n w ste . o t e sy m F lly adju ab an t u st le for y ype of fit int g F lly adju ab an t u st le for y ype of fit int g Example of configuration stages - Mounting and bolting of the corner guides - Pre-drilling, mounting and bolting of the sash hinges - Mounting and bolting of the interlocking rods - Cutting, mounting and bolting of all fitting parts to be cut to length, including composite parts. The photo shows the configuration with the maximum equipment: + +FBA136-EU FBA136-FL/MV FBA138-VA Automatic fittings mounting on the sash: quick, clean and precise The LEMUTH fittings mounting centres guarantee efficient fittings mounting with optimum precision. The many configuration options allow optimal customisation of the machines to the requirements of the specific window manufacturing process. For instance, the selected configuration determines which work processes are fully automatic. Thesemayinclude: