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Lemuth GmbH

Page 22 The expandable modular system concept also allows subsequent automation of other mounting processes. For example, downstream of an machine (mounting of corner guides), an machine (mounting of sash hinges and interlocking rods) may subsequently be installed. Expanding the system through the addition of an machine (mounting ofallfittingpartstobecuttolength)resultsinafullyautomaticsystem. FBA136-EU FBA136-FL-MV FBA138 Expansion options: Example of a system for fully automatic fittings mounting in a1-minutecycle! Wooden materials call for particularly careful machining. Consequently, in this configuration, the machining table is equipped with driven conveyor belts. These ensure that the elements are conveyed without risk of damage. During the turning process, the element lies rigid on the driven conveyor beltsandthewholemachiningtableturnstothenewposition. FBA136-EU Corner guides FBA136-FL/MV Sash hinges nterlocking rods & i FBA138-VA fitting parts to be cut to length composite parts/ AS165 Automatic stacking units Available for the machining of: Special models for the machining of PVC elements Special models for the machining of wooden/aluminium elements The machining table has a brush-type surface. In ordertoturnthesash,arotatorisused. Removal from the magazine FBA138-VA Magazine FBA136 Bolting block FULLY AUTOMATICFULLY AUTOMATIC AluPVC Wood