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Lemuth GmbH

Page 23 Mounting of fittings FRAMEMounting of fittings FRAME RBA330 / RBZ332 Example of configuration stages RBA330 Fully automatic frame fittings mounting on the window element 6200 12200 transport direction >>> Machine for mounting the hinges Machine for mounting the closure components Adjustableforanytypeoffitting,forallframefittingssuitableforuseinautomaticsystems series frame fittings mounting machines fully automatically mount and bolt all hinge and closure components on frame elements made of plastic, wood or aluminium. The closure components are supplied by means of oscillating conveyorsandthegravitychutemagazineforthehingesisfilledmanually. RBA330 1-minutecycle High-speedconfiguration Model with 2 crossbars, each supporting one mounting head, as well as 2 work tables for simultaneous machining of two supported frames c n s i The ma hi e is not re tr cted to one t s h e single fit ings sy tem. W en ther i g o g a chan e ver o fittin s, he s f t m ia h es can be easily converted c n e w t to th ne sys e .m u b F lly adj sta le for an type u y nof fitti g u b F lly adj sta le for an type u y nof fitti g