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Lemuth GmbH

Page 24 Available for the machining of: 6200 6200 transport direction >>> RBZ332 unicut200 Mounting of closure components on the detached bar This fittings mounting centre mounts and bolts all closure components on the detached bar. The machine is best positioned immediately after the bar cutting. The system can thus be easily integrated into a LEMUTH cutting and machining centre. This configuration can also be used as a standalone system. The user-friendly provisioning of the closure components is carried out via feed magazinesandoscillatingconveyors. RBZ332 Mounting of closure components on the detached bar 3300 5900 RBA330 Fully automatic frame fittings mounting on the window element To supply the fittings to be mounted, magazines or oscillating conveyors are used. The filling of the magazines is a part-specific process which is performed outside of the safety zone. This makes the machine operator's job much simpler. While the current frame is being machined, the control unit loads up the component data for the next frame to be machined from the upstream system. The acquisition of information and the supply of all fitting parts for the next frame machining thus take place one cycle ahead of the actual mountingoperation. 2-minute cycle Multifunctionalsystem Model with 1 crossbar to support both of the mounting heads for working on the hinge components or the closure components, as well as 1 work table for machining oneframe FULLY AUTOMATICFULLY AUTOMATIC AluPVC Wood