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Lemuth GmbH

adhesive tape glue Glass Adhesive tape application for the BARAdhesive tape application for the BAR KBS610 Page 25 1100 850 6000 6000 KBS610 Adhesive tape application machine for the BAR KBS610seriesmachinesautomaticallyapplyadhesivetapetoelongatedfittings. The bars are conveyed into the machine one at a time by a feed belt. They are picked up by driven rollers and conveyed through the machine. When the tip of the bar arrives at the adhesive tape application position, the protective film is automatically removed from the adhesive tape and the adhesive tape application begins. The end of the bar is automatically detected and the application then ends. The removed protective film is collected in a container and can beeasilydisposedofattheendoftheshift. Available for the machining of: The picture shows a standard machine - Model for 6-metre-long profile bars - With onloading and offloading tracks AluPVC Wood