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Lemuth GmbH

Adhesive tape application to the WINDOWAdhesive tape application to the WINDOW KBA600 Page 26 6.500 4.500 KBA600 Application of adhesive tape to the WINDOW KBA600 series adhesive tape application machines automatically apply adhesive tape all the way around in the overlap of the window or of a door profile. Using an adhesive tape application machine saves a lot of time compared with manual mounting and ensures a clean and high-quality application of the adhesive tape to the element. (One machinecanoptionallyalsoapplygaskets,gluesorprimersinadditiontotheadhesivetape.) Single-sidedadhesivetape Double-sidedadhesivetape Single-sided adhesive tape is used e.g. in wooden windows and acts like a gasket, since wooden windows often do not have a gasketlininggroove.Theadhesivetapeapplicationmachineallowspreciseapplicationoftheadhesivetapealongtheedgeofthe sash. The application of a double-sided adhesive tape is required in sash overlap gluing, for example, to produce an initial adhesion between the glass pane and the sash profile until such time as the glue has set. When sashes are prepared in this way, further work can be carried out immediately after insertion of the glass without any subsequent alignment of the panes or wedging with blocks.Theadhesivetapealsoservesasasealingtapetopreventmoisturegettingin. The elements are automatically conveyed into and out of the machine by means of a transportation axle and grab elements. The floating adhesive tape application head serves to apply the adhesive tape in the sash overlap. In this process, pressure rollers affix the adhesive tape to the sash and into the corners so that the pieces of tape abut against one another. The protective filmisremovedautomatically. Available for the machining of: AluPVC Wood