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Lemuth GmbH

MANUAL / SEMI-AUTOMATICMANUAL / SEMI-AUTOMATIC GVM114 series manual gluing stations Manual application of the glue This station is the entry-level system for the production of glued elements and is optimised for working with two- component adhesives. The gluing station is capable of gluing sashes or complete window structures made of plastic, aluminium or wood. By manually guiding the gluing nozzle, the adhesive can be applied into the sash rebate or the sash overlap. Available for the machining of:Configuration stages GVH112 Semi-automatic gluing stations GVH112 series semi-automatic gluing stations Automatic application of the glue by sides This machine automatically applies the glue by sides in the sash rebate or the sash overlap. When the machine operator hasplacedtheelementontheworkarea,theglueisappliedto thefirstframepiece.Toapplythegluetothenextframepiece, the element is manually turned 90° and pushed back into the machining position. The automatic gluing of this side is then carriedout. Working with: single-component adhesives two-component adhesives adhesives containing silicone Adhesive application: in the sash rebate in the sash overlap Adhesive supply: 20-litre hobbock drum 200-litre drum Page 28 3200 2000 AluPVC Wood