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Lemuth GmbH

Page 30 HORIZONTAL machining position Optimised for gluing in the sash overlap In this configuration, the glue is usually applied to the inside or the outside of the sash overlap. High-precision handling units fully automatically perform all work processes such as loading the sash, applying the glue and inserting theglassinaprecisemanner.Becauseitismainlywoodensashesthataregluedintheoverlap,thesashcanbealigned precisely at right angles by means of the clamping table. Once the glue has set, the aligned sash will retain its shape permanently. Available for the machining of: Expansion options: An example of a glass pane gluing machine with automatic delivery of the panes to a glass pane gluing machine GVA115WGlass pane gluing machine series Glass pane sorting and buffering stations series ASG165-S AluPVC Wood Unloading the glazed window elements Glass pane loading Sash loading FULLY AUTOMATICFULLY AUTOMATIC