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Lemuth GmbH

Page 32 Available for the machining of: Two-side sealing in the 1-minute cycle VSA119S-2S-highspeed Zust.Zust.-nderung-nderungDatumDatumNameNameErs.d.:Ers.d.: Ers.f.:Ers.f.: Urspr.Urspr. Bl.Bl. 115009115009 11 142/2142/2 Zust. Zust.-nderung -nderungDatum DatumName NameErs.d.: Ers.d.: Ers.f.: Ers.f.: Urspr. Urspr. Bl. Bl. 115009 115009 11 142/2 142/2 16.000 4.570 Sealing side 1 Sealing side 2Turning over Horizontalsealingmachine The horizontal sealing process is ideal when only sashes (without frames), which are integrated in an automatic production line, are to be sealed. The application head is floating on a crossbar, in order to compensate automatically for any profile unevenness, bending and dimensional tolerances. The window is transported by means of felt-lined driven conveyor belts which ensure damage-free transportation. VSA119W silicone application glassglass The sealant is inserted between the glass pane and the sash profile or glazing bead/window bar. Specifications - Able to work with up to 3 paints - Removal of the silicone paint from bags or drums - Sealing of one side or two sides - 1-minute cycle for each 1000 x 1200-mm section in the single-side sealing configuration - Cleaning brush for cleaning the nozzle head after each application there is no risk of staining of the window If data is provided, the following window elements, amongst others, can be machined on one machine: Right-angled windows Acute-angled windows Round arched windows Windows with glazing bars AluPVC Wood