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Lemuth GmbH

Two crossbars are attached to the base support, and these are freely manoeuvrable via servo shafts. Two cutting heads are attached to each crossbar. Each of the cutting heads is equipped with 4 knives, 2 of which are for the horizontal cutting, and 2 for the vertical cutting. The machine makes it possible to trim around the entire glass pane. In this process, the cutting knives are always set in the centre of the pane edge, and they then cut outwards towardstheedges. GRA118 Edge bond cutting machine 3.400 5.300 The glass edge cutting machine was designed to optimise the “glass edge cutting" process. Sharp knives glide along the glass edge and remove the overhanging sealant. This work process is of importance for the pane gluing stage,sinceitensuresthatanexactgapmeasurementisprovidedbetweentheglasspanesandthesash.Theresulting wastematerialiscollectedforsubsequentdisposal. GRA118 Page 34 Edge bond cuttingEdge bond cutting GRA118 Glass pane with overhanging sealant Machined edge bond Cutting head Cutting knife Example of configuration stages Available for the machining of: Glass