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Lemuth GmbH

The series automatic stacking units are available in various models and configurations and with a variety of features. This means that it is possible to store elements made of PVC in compartment-type wagons or compartment- type racks. The automatic saving of the storage location information allows the operator to display on the monitor the storagelocationoftheelementatanytime. AS165 Buffer and sorting deviceBuffer and sorting device Window elements AS165 Page 35 Window elements AS165 Automatic stacking unit for window elements The picture shows a stacking unit for sashes, positioned downstream of an 4-side bolting machineFBS131 For the stacking of wood or aluminium elements, compartment-type wagons/racks are lined with felt to eliminate the risk of damage. In the case of sashes with glass panes or when automatic removal is required, the compartments contain driven conveyor belts as the support. The size and the equipment of the system are entirely dependent on the customer'srequirements. Available for the machining of: AluPVC WoodExample of configuration stages