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Lemuth GmbH

Page 36 Buffer and sorting deviceBuffer and sorting device Glass pane ASG165-S ASG165-S glass pane sorting and buffering stations fill one of the final gaps in the automatic window manufacturing process. This buffering station saves a lot of time, because it eliminates the need to undertake a time-consuming searchfortherightglasspaneontheA-shapedframes.Theglasspaneprotectionprocessinvolvestheoperatortaking the glass panes off the glass stacking frames one after the other and placing them on a support. The illuminated rear panel allows immediate detection of any damage to the pane. The glass panes are scanned into the system and stored inanemptycompartmentoftheglasspanebufferingunit.Atatimesufficientlyaheadofthetimewhentheglasspane isrequiredbytheglazingstation,thepaneistakenoutofthebufferingunitandtransportedtotheglazingunit. Glass panes Configuration stages Available for the machining of: ASG165-S Automatic stacking unit for glass panes Summary of the advantages: - considerable time saving - considerable reduction in manual labour and staffing - significant space savings, because the glass stacking frames are not kept as storage - significantly less instance of damage to the glass panes, because the transportation incorporates protection measures and is automated Glass Placing the glass panes Retrieving the required glass panes Unloading and retrieval of glass panes Loading rack Movable transport Glass pane buffer Manual retrieval of glass panes