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Lemuth GmbH

Reinforcing steel machiningReinforcing steel machining ZS180 The steel cutting machine cuts the reinforcing steel to the size input into the control system. The machine can be operatedasastandalonesystemorinconjunctionwithaunicut200cuttingandmachiningcentre. The steel profiles placed on the profile support are conveyed to the inlet chute. Here, a grab shaft takes hold of the 6-m- longsteelbarandpushesitintothecuttingunittothedesiredtrimminglength.Thetrimmingofthesteelprofilescanbe performed using a quiet die cutter or sawing device. To machine differently shaped profiles, the die cutter may have an automatic cutting plate changing function. A delivery table is provided to receive the cut reinforcing steel bars. The high-speedconfigurationcanintegrateacontinuousweldingmachineforthesteelprofiles. Page 5 3.000 12.300 ZS180 Steel cutting machine Standalone machine Example of configuration stages