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Lemuth GmbH

Gasket insertion into the BARGasket insertion into the BAR Page 7 Example of configuration stages Gasket insertion machines of the series automatically introduce the gasket strip in straight elongated fittings. It is possible to introduce several gasket strips simultaneously. This machine can also work with different profile widths throughadjustmentoftheinsertionposition eithermanuallyviathehandwheelorautomaticallyviaservomotors. Process: The operator pushes the profile element into the machine's work area. The insertion of the gasket, the cutting of the gasket as well as its ejection onto the delivery table then take place automatically. The length of the parts worked on is irrelevant. The machine control system independently recognises the top and bottom of the element and presses the gasketinwithacleancutatthetopandatthebottomofthebar. DAGL110 The picture shows a standard machine - configured for 6-m-long profile bars - with inlet and outlet conveyor belts 1.100 850 6.000 6.000 DAGL110